Terms and Conditions

Prohibited activities

zelink CAN NOT be used to create shortened URLs that:

Are used in commercial emails
Are used for unsolicited advertising (spam), including e-mail, forum posts, SMS messages and spam / messaging messages on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter
Link to malicious content (phishing, viruses, Trojans, adware, other malicious software)
Link to any form of child pornography
Link to other sites or URL shortening or redirection scripts (these "chains" of links are often used to hide malicious uses)
Link to material infringing copyright

In addition, any use of zelink and any related content must be legal in your country.

Rejecting and deleting URLs

We may reject URLs when submitted or later remove, disable or redirect URLs shortened for any reason. Our intention is to do so only if they violate our conditions. We are only human beings and mistakes are occasionally made. We can restore abbreviated URLs that are disabled if we think this is appropriate.

The use of data

We do not share any information with third parties unless explicitly stated in our privacy policy. We do not collect or store any information other than that required to provide you with the service and provide us with statistics on the use of the site.

Violation of our conditions

If you violate our terms, depending on the severity of the abuse, we may disable shortened URLs that you have created or prevent you from using zelink temporarily or permanently. In case of serious abuse or illegal use, we can inform the relevant law enforcement authorities.