Spam Policy

Sometimes short links are used as spam or to point to malicious content. We take this abuse of our service very seriously and make every effort to prevent it. Here are some of the ways we use to keep our users safe:

Shortened URLs are permanent - we do not allow users to change their destinations once created. This prevents spammers from engaging in "bait and switch" tactics that can be linked first to actual content, then to a malicious program later.
We check all our links with different blacklists such as Phishtank. We regularly update these lists and our technology immediately applies them to our entire database of links.
We thoroughly investigate all abuse complaints we receive and we have a dedicated contact email address for these cases. Our goal is to handle all complaints of abuse within 24 hours.
Our conditions are very clear on what the use is not allowed. Because we prohibit the use of any commercial email (whether or not spam is technically unsolicited), spammers have no possibility of circumventing our rules.
We list other known URL shortening / redirection services. This prevents spammers from creating "chains" of redirects to help them bypass our protections.
We never use spam for our service and zelink has no relationship with spammers. We never send spam, but only those who have sent us an email (for example, to answer questions we have on the site).